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Does being a member of golddata.live have any cost?

Being a member of golddata.live is free. With your membership you can enjoy the content available on the platform.

How do I become a member of golddata.live?

To become a member of golddata.live you must register by clicking on the Register option in the upper menu or when the platform indicates you in some other process.  Becoming a member of this exclusive platform is done only the first time using as credentials your email address and the password that you defined in the process and allows you to enjoy the content and choose to buy monetized content in which you are interested.

What do I do if I forget my password?

When you click on LOGIN and you do not remember your password, click on Forgot your password? You must enter the registered email of your account in golddata.live and we will send you an email with instructions and a link to proceed to change or update your password.

What platform does golddata.live use for the distribution of live events?

All events and content are distributed in High Definition via GOLD DATA's private fiber optic network and CDNs.

Is all the content available to be viewed in all countries?

In general, the contents will be available worldwide. Some content may be limited by countries, zones or continents and the platform geolocates your position to allow access or not. The use of VPN to modify its location is not allowed and the detection of the use of the VPN is reason to block the user's access to the content without any refund option. 

How do I enjoy the previous events available?

As a member of GOLDDATA.LIVE, you must ENTER your credentials, email and password. Select from the PREVIOUS EVENTS category, the event of your interest and press the ENTER THE EVENT button and you will immediately enjoy the content. If the event is monetized or paid, the platform will inform you that you must proceed with the payment. 

What payment methods does GOLDDATA.LIVE accepts for payment of monetized content?

GOLDDATA.LIVE accepts VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS credit or debit cards. Other payment methods will be available progressively, according to each event.

How do I buy my access or ticket to an event?

Once you are registered and logged into your GOLDDATA.LIVE account: Select the event you want to buy the access or ticket.  Click on the BUY TICKET button.  On the next page and if you have a discount coupon from a sponsor of the selected event, enter it and "click here to Validate". Then press "Proceed to payment" and enter your credit or debit card VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS.  The field that says "Your reference for this card" is only filled in if you want to st...View All

After paying for the event, what do I receive?

At the end of your purchase of access to a monetized content, your access is already guaranteed. You will receive your receipt of payment and invoice of your purchase. You can also check your profile in the PURCHASE HISTORY section. 

I have already paid for an event or concert; how do I enter that event?

After the purchase of the access is confirmed, you must return to GOLDDATA.LIVE a few minutes before the concert, select the purchased event and press the ENTER THE EVENT button and enjoy the experience.  On the event page you can press the SCHEDULE button and GOLDDATA.LIVE will remind you via email that the event is about to start. 

Where can I get more information about the singer and the provider of the service or content?

On the page of each content, at the bottom, you will find additional information about the talent and the production company providing that content.

On how many devices can I enjoy the event?

In a live event, once you enter the event, you will not be able to switch devices. Each account has access to view the event.

What is the schedule of the live event?

Each live event will present the time information in its description, usually by the time of the site where it is generated, some references from other countries and the reference GMT time.  As the event is world-wide, you must take into account the time difference of the site where it is generated or current location.  Example if the event is at 7pm Miami time, it will be at 23:00 GMT, at 01:00 am (the next day) in Spain, 6pm Colombia, etc.  

On what devices can I enjoy the event?

You can enjoy the event on any smartphone, desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smartTV or Chromecast Streaming. We suggest that, prior to the event, you familiarize yourself with the use of the platform on your device by entering the live broadcast https://golddata.live/es/all-access. Some devices, usually older, may present some type of problem that can be corrected with this preliminary test. 

Can I write a review of the event?

Yes, on the event page and after logging into your account, you can write a review and rate the quality of the content from 0 to 5 stars. Please be careful when publishing the review after selecting the stars, otherwise your vote will be zero stars.

Can several people enjoy the event I paid for?

When you access the event through your device, all the people who can view that device will be enjoying the event.  For example, if you watch the event on a SmarTV, you, your family and guests can enjoy the event without limitations.   Any attempt to share your account or other activity so that the content is viewed by other people on a different device will be blocked by the security protocols of the platform and they will not have access.  

Does GOLDDATA.LIVE guarantee that I will be able to see the event live?

GOLDDATA.LIVE uses its own fiber optic distribution network and CDN, which guarantees the delivery of the transmission to the closest possible point to the user before delivering it in IP streaming format to be received by your Internet service operator. The capacity, availability and quality of your mobile or fixed internet operator may cause interruptions or lower the quality of the transmission without this being the responsibility of GOLDDATA.LIVE. In the event of a temporary inter...View All

For any other question, not detailed here. Who do i contact?

You can send email to soporte@golddata.live or fill out the form in the contact section at the bottom edge of the page.
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